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My work explores the process of bringing art.

This action and each step in the creative process mobilizes an aspect of being aesthetic, sensory, perceptual, cognitive and symbolic and probably reflect my surroundings and adjusting the framework into some invisible reality.

 My paintings are abstract stories of nature, landscapes that I reinvent, bright, colorful, harmonic. Motifs like traditionally of the feminine: flowers, gardens, ornamental, poetical, and accompany with more ambiguous expressive and gestural marks. I give form to color, and openness that is needed for this direct experience, chaos, destruction, erase, paint over and each time evolves and it seems to return repeatedly to its beginning.

The work reflects my interest in the organizing of space through the different layers of paint. They are fragments of objects, shapes and patterns and exploring form and movement into a new visual creation.It is the removal or adding back of layers that has become the integral part of my process, exploring and allowing truths to be exposed, as the surfaces reveal themselves.

I like to explore the creative mind and spirit through the potential of color, movement and lyricism, like the beauty and complexity of a Living here on earth, but also in a cosmos. Each piece is a reflection of experience, matter and spirit and exploring moments.


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